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In Systems Group we work focused on customer satisfaction. We dedicate our effort to offer the best solutions to our customers, through personalized attention, a high quality service, so that both HR departments and users of our solutions get the best possible customer experience.

The solutions offered and implemented by Systems Group for HR management are complete and solid and offer all the guarantees to solve all issues related to the management of human resources on the public administration.

We integrate solutions for human resources management with the most innovative technology that covers the entire cycle of human resources and gives service to all HR professionals, managers and employees of the company.

The advantages included by the solutions offered in the Cloud by Systems Group provide a greater customer experience thanks to their adaptation to the novel ways of relating to users.

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Ginpix7: leading solution for HR management for Public Administration and City Councils.

The only HR and payroll software exclusively for Public Administration with which more than 500 public organizations have digitized their personnel management.

  • Full coverage of the HR cycle: payroll, process digitalization, employee area, scorecard, time management, RPT and template, etc.
  • Fully updated legislative framework and a focus on electronic administration and digital transformation of the AAP.
  • Integration with third-party solutions (Documental Manager, SICAL accounting integration, Time Control Systems, Personnel File Manager).


HR inside: collaborative payroll outsourcing software.

Payroll outsourcing in a collaborative cloud environment, with people analytics tools, digitization of employee experience and time management. Collaborative and mobile philosophy for a complete management of personnel administration processes: registrations, cancellations, extensions …

  • Payroll outsourcing cloud that allows collaborative work with payroll managers in real time. Total control over the data.
  • HR cloud tools: employee area, analytics, time management.
  • Services and tools permanently connected.
  • Team of specialist consultants.
  • Cloud integration with the rest of the corporate systems.
  • Employment advice.
Software HR Inside, de Savia
Savia, proveedor de Systems Group


Payroll and HR outsourcing: Human resources software for everyone.

  • Focus on your team with the new People Management cloud ecosystem.
  • Radically reduces administrative tasks for Human Resources.
  • Specialised services and cloud tools to manage the people, teams and talent in your organisation.