Helpdesk and Technical Assistance

One place to manage them all

A single place from which to manage all incidents related to support or assistance to users and customers.

With a wide technical knowledge, and more than 20 years of experience in our customer service center, more and more companies trust us to improve their customer service (internal customers, external customers, citizens, etc.).

We offer a tool that allows companies to easily manage incidents of different natures that occur, establishing communication channels between customers and employees with the ability to resolve them and allowing monitoring of incidents not yet resolved.


  • Reduce the time in the processes: the data of the incidences already solved are stored, this allows to be able to consult effective solutions that were carried out in old incidences and thus to solve future problems in a limited time. In other words, create an incidente managemente database.
  • Improve customer communication: through the ticket system within the Help Desk, customers can create online communication spaces where they can describe the incident and provide additional information. The personnel in charge of incident management can consult that ticket with the information provided by the customer and offer the best solution to solve the incident.
  • Metrics / results tracking: The Help Desk stores statistical data of each of the actions related to communication with the user, the actions performed and the time spent on each action. This allows to establish improvement plans.
  • Increased efficiency: The Help Desk software automatically organizes incidents, determines and assigns which employee of the organization is more able to resolve the incident, thus achieving a constant improvement in the management of incidents.
  • Define service standards: The Help Desk software allows to automate the management of minor incidents, creating minimum levels of services in an efficient way.
  • Work volume trends: it also allows to store data of incidences volumes throughout a period to be able to plan the personnel needs throughout the year.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: as a result of an improvement in the incident management processes in the speed and agility of them, the customer solves their problems in a more effective way.

Therefore, the implementation of a Help Desk tool can significantly reduce the workload generated by user incident management. It allows us to anticipate future incidents, and thus avoid them, thus achieving a more efficient management of user services, which means that we will increase customers satisfaction