Tax Management consultant

If you have at least 5 YEARS of experience in Tax Management Consulting and Voluntary and Executive Collection and you like direct contact with clients … read on!

If you meet the profile and you are selected, your work will be carried out in the field of Public Administration, and, specifically, in LOCAL public administrations.

The position requires the ability to COMMUNICATE and KNOW TO BE, since direct contact with clients is continuous.

You will join an interesting project, whose basic pillars are continuous LEARNING, personal and professional DEVELOPMENT and the possibility of meeting and working with people of great HUMAN VALUE.

You will also be part of a company whose veins run PROFESSIONAL, TRUST relationships and business TRANSPARENCY.

The contractual conditions will be negotiated individually and according to value. The periodic review of the career plan will be consistent with the professional career that is developed within the company.

Essential requirements:


– At least 5 years of experience as a tax and collection consultant (voluntary and executive) in the LOCAL Public Administration: Taxes, fees, public prices, administrative actions for taxpayers, …

– Ability to function in the use of tools and computer applications.

– Preferably, with Basque domain

Puesto al que aplica

Añade tu Currículum. Debe ser un archivo .pdf de 2MB como máximo.